Kellie Smith

What Kellie Smith brings to each of her sessions cannot be read about; it must be felt. Her deep intuition, caring, warmth, humor, and clarity are evident from the very first meeting. A session with her is an experience like none other, as her clients continually emphasize.

Kellie is the owner and founder of Balanced Living, LLC, which was established in 2004. A Colorado native, business owner, and mother of three, she relates to all types of people, and her deeply intuitive and spiritual nature is apparent in all her healing modalities.

Kellie began her career in the healing arts 21 years ago with a focus on Energy Medicine and Holistic Health as a Reiki Master and Teacher with an emphasis in herbal remedies. She earned her Board Certification as a Biofeedback Therapist in 2004 and became a Specialist in 2008 through continually learning the latest techniques in emerging holistic therapies.

It is this depth and breadth of experience – both innate and learned – that Kellie offers to each of her clients. She is an avid learner, always exploring new methods and methodologies, to hone her extensive skills even further. She then synthesizes this information, distills it down, and offers a variety of workshops and classes to her clients to empower them in their personal development.

Kellie’s goal is to motivate and inspire others to create healthy & meaningful lives by shifting out of old patterns, eliminating limiting beliefs, and aligning with the future they desire. Using a combination of intuition, as well as Biofeedback, Bars®, and Light Therapy in her sessions, clients are able to explore new visions for their future, accelerate personal development, and integrate this as part of their overall health and healing regimen.

​Kellie held certifications or licenses in the following modalities:

Board Certified Biofeedback Therapist / Specialist

Access Bars Practitioner / Facilitator

Institute of Heart Math Certified Trainer

Reiki Master / Teacher

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